Let's face it, most bands and artists get by with a little (or a lot) of help from their friends.
The following are a few Mezmer friends who have helped us - then and now.

To all, we feel and owe much Gratitude and Thanks:

Vicki Barnes:
Website Coordination, Mezmer Group Liaison, Newsletter Editor, Message Board Moderator, Photographer and Special Projects Assistant

Vicki, also known to many people on the web as "Cool Lady," lives in Mexico, Mo. with her husband, Dikki Barnes and her children.

Vicki has been a long time Mezmer fan and supporter who enjoys listening and Dancing to all Classic Rock & Roll music and even some of the New Rock.

Vicki also enjoys: surfing the web, working on her computers making dolls, backgrounds and graphics for her various personal websites. She has been using Paint Shop Pro for several years..She has experimented with Poser, a 3D graphics program, many of the wizards used on this site are now available @

DicVic Barnes.com.

This is their personal website with other Paint Shop Pro and Poser Tubes.
Vicki has learned alot from tutorials as well. Some of the graphics and animations came from tutorials written by Karen's Creations

And when and if she can find some spare time Vicki enjoys Swimming, Boating, Fishing and Camping.

Larry Barnes:
Crew Chief, Sound & Light Technician, Bouncer, Equipment and Transport Driver

Larry, is "The Man". The band may make it rock, but Larry and the crew make it roll. Larry is the brother-in-law of Dikki, and lives in Thompson, Mo with his wife, Kathy, and their children.

When he isn't hauling band equipment, he is busy hauling heavy equipment to various construction sites around the United States. Larry has always wanted to be involved with music some way or another. Larry enjoys the Classic Rock Music along with various other genres. He enjoys camping and fishing when he has the time.

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