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Spacedog Sanders Scooby-Doo Sanders plays keyboards, and very little guitar. In addition to his onstage mixing of sound and effects processing, he is in charge of Minor Chord Advisement for the band.

Scooby-Doo is one of the NEW founding members of Mezmer, and is also one of the (oldest) keyboard players in rock and roll today around the Mid-Missouri area. That means very little, except that he remembers when Mick Jagger was under 30.

Sanders has an extensive background, Which includes: painting himself silver in 1974 for a gig that made Dikki laugh, and may have alarmed the local VFW attendees. While Thirty years as a farmer taught him the lessons of hard work, the virtues of welding, and driving 100 mph to town to make band practice.

Highlights of his checkered career include composing, recording, editing, and digitally mastering 6 episodes of a children's TeeVee pilot show for Fox Network, circa 1991 in the 'cornfield studio'. He still holds five unused tickets for a Frank Zappa concert in 1975.

Spacedog Sanders He once played Kansas and Motown music for 1,000 country fans, and they danced on the tables at a convention. A year of mixing front of house sound for long-time friends in Alias re-affirmed the fact that the sound guy can have fun, also.

Online since 1981, Sanders remains a firm advocate of security and privacy while cruising the information dirt road.

For all you gear heads, he uses a puzzling array of gear. He may use a 20-year old Roland Jupiter 8, a 1981 Les Paul, a 1976 Moog Prodigy, a Roland SH-101, an Oberheim 8-voice, or a Peavey keyboard. Or he may not.

In addition to his work with Mezmer, Sanders is a systems engineer, builds web servers in his spare time, and collects Lawn Ornaments. Umm, old cars.

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