Mezmer 2001 So it was not untill 13 yrs later, when for the first time since the 1984 breakup of meZmer two former members of the group, Dikki Barnes and Frosty Vestal reunited for several months on a Blues Band Project in 1997, at the time they didn't realize the ground work was being laid for what would be perhaps one of the most long awaited band reunions on the local midwest music scene and the return of The Ultimate in High Energy Rock and Roll Show and a return to classic rock music with depth.

Mezmer's core line up of Dikki Barnes and Frosty Vestal are back along with former Diversion keyboardist Scott Sanders and former Ambush guitarist/vocalist Scott Fennewald to once again make the well crafted, thought provoking and mezmerizing rock music that made Mezmer a band still remembered today, As we enter the new century.

Band members Dikki Barnes, Scott Sanders, Frosty Vestal, Scott Fennewald along with bassist Wes Pedigo began jamming in Centralia, Mo. in August of 2000. Several months later, Wes Pedigo pulled himself from the starting lineup due to personal and musical conflicts, and was soon followed by replacement bassist Mike Goslin.

As the search for a bass guitarist kicked into high gear Dikki came in contact with Norm Batchelder a veteran of the Michigan club circuits and his wife Kibbie a vocalist and backup studio recording singer and songwriter from Nashville. After several rehearshals with Norm and Kibbie Batchelder the group agreed that this new combination would give Mezmer the capabilities and potential to bring a new twist to the classic rock and roll music Mezmer had always been known for.

Mezmer once again took the stage in a series of reunions, concert and shows from June to September of 2001 to test the new sound and received a overwhelming response to these shows before returning to rehearsals to complete the show, set to launch originally in January of 2002.

However the events that would transpire over the next several months would indeed set Mezmer into a short hibernation period................................

Frosty announced to the band in October that he would be leaving the band for personal reasons after the New Years job at the Tropics Club so In November of 2001 plans were set in motion for Sammy Dennis to be brought into the band to replace Frosty, When those plans feel thru in January of 2002 band rehearsals became somewhat section for a couple of months while Kibbie was recovering from heart surgery and Scott was spending time with his wife Delores who was in the hospital in St. Louis during this time Matt Kelly of Columbia, Mo. was brought in to complete the Mezmer lineup. This Mezmer lineup would also prove to be a short lived as Matt would soon leave the group to form his own band.

With the return of Frosty Vestal to the lineup along with a move for Mezmer to a new rehearsal studio in Stugeon, Mo. the band once again kicked into gear playing a few FORR Bike Runs and Private Parties over the summer, in August of 2002 Norm and Kibbie Batchelder would leave the band to officially close the 1st Chapter in "The Mezmer Revival Story" during this time Mezmer had the opportunity to expand and play many different styles of music, many of which featured female vocals along with multiple harmonies.

meZmer 2003

So the search for a Bass Guitarist continued until November of 2002 when Steve Turner was brought in to complete the lineup. meZmer would then premier the new lineup New Years eve at the Tropics Club to much success.

2003 kicked off in high gear with the band performing more shows over the next 8 months than the previous 2 years combined and highlights which included the Big Muddy bike rally in Glasgow, Missouri, Duckfest 2003 in Molino, Missouri. Summer of 2003 also saw the return of a meZmer Classic, The Celebration of Life Concert at Wilson's Park outside Auxvasse, Missouri.

However the events that would transpire in August of 2003 and over the next several months would indeed set meZmer and it's members into a sabbatical of sorts.................................

................To Be Continued................

Mezmer History ~ Chapter 3

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